How can you support us?

This program provides “a meal a day” for children and elderly people. This is the most urgent need in Malawi.A donation of 25 US dollars (1,700/- Indian rupees or 93 UAE Dirhms) can help us to feed a nursery school child for four months!! This includes the cost of maize flour, soya flour, groundnut flour, sugar, salt, firewood, transportation, monitoring, bookkeeping, cooking, and serving the meal. We operate this program in partnership with community nursery schools (with or without a building) run by the villagers, convents, or friaries located in remote villages. We provide them the staffing and materials needed to run this program and visit them regularly.

Help build a nursery school

With more than 20% of the children being orphans and more than 40% of the entire population already starving, there is a special need to build nursery schools in Malawi. If we can provide food at these centers, they will save the children from hunger and malnutrition. Such schools and the staff members would offer a roof, care, and affection for innocent children who are deprived of love and food.

As we build these schools, the support of local communities who provide us with bricks (and also sand in some cases) brings down the cost of the projects. Thanks to their support, the cost for building a nursery school with three classrooms and two external toilets is approximately 2,500 US dollars.