Our primary programs are:


Provide meals for the hungry (Annemarie’s Meal)


Provide educational scholarships for bright-but-needy students (Annemarie’s Student Scholarship)


Build nursery (or primary) schools (Annemarie’s Build a School)


Provide clothing for the needy (Annemarie’s Clothing)

As of 2016, we operate these programs in Kenya and Malawi.


As of 2016, 42% of the 44 million people in Kenya live below the poverty line. There are 2.5 million orphans. Here we operate in Nairobi and Nyeri. Our (sponsored) children study in schools across Kenya.

Achievements in Kenya – Annemarie’s Student Scholarship

As of 2016, the foundation supports fifteen children in Kenya. The students have been personally chosen by the founder and board members after professional screening of their academic records and family circumstances. They are currently studying in some of the best schools in Kenya, fully or partially sponsored by the foundation. The first student, Joseph Mbuthiya Kanyiri, selected and supported since 2012, is currently doing his second year of mechanical engineering at National Polytechnic, Nyeri.

Founder with Annemarie's children and parents/guardians during the annual camp held at Nyeri in May 2016

Visiting student’s homes in Kenya – it’s an essential part of our student selection process.

Achievements in Kenya – Annemarie’s Meal

Our first meal program was held at Gikondi Parish under the Archdiocese of Nyeri.

Achievements in Kenya – Annemarie’s Clothing

This project involved collection, packing, shipment, and distribution of 9,000 pieces of good-quality used clothes (1.7 tons) from Asia to Kenya. The beneficiaries were poor children and families located in Kanguruwe slum in Nairobi and in Gikondi parish located under the Archdiocese of Nyeri. Some pictures of this project are shown below. A video of this project is available at:

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Clothing Selection in Asia
Clothing distribution at Toto Angel School, Kanguruwe slum, Nairobi
Clothing distribution at Gikondi Parish
Founder with the Archbishop of Nyeri.The archdiocese welcomed him and provided support on the ground.


According to the World Bank (2016) report, Malawi is the poorest country in the world with the lowest GDP per capita. On top of that, as per official data, 10.8% of the population are HIV infected; unofficial estimates are much higher. Life expectancy is one of the lowest in the world, with HIV and malaria among the major causes of death. Infant mortality rate as of 2015 is 43/1000, one of the highest in the world. For every 100,000 live births in Malawi, 807 mothers die as a result of pregnancy- and childbirth-related causes. There are 6.8 million children in Malawi, 51% of the population. Out of that 6.8 million children, one million are orphans, and more than half of them have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Malawi is a landlocked country, with no sea ports; air transport is also very expensive and time consuming. All these, along with a currency that lost half of its value in less than a year, make the prices of commodities volatile and expensive.

In Malawi we operate in the Lilongwe, Dedza, and Zomba districts.

Office of Annemarie Foundation in Zomba, Malawi

Achievements - Annemarie’s Hill

Annemarie’s hill, our first project in Malawi, was to help build a school (and a church) in partnership with the villagers and well wishers in the Chabwera village in Dedza district, where around 600 children are studying at present. Capuchin mission in Malawi were our local partners who helped us to build this for the villagers.

Annemarie's School and Church in Chabwera, Dedza, Malawi

With the Bishop, priests, parishioners, and villagers during the inauguration of the school and church

Visiting student’s homes in Malawi – an essential part of our student selection process

Achievements - Annemarie’s Meal

Chabwera is a remote village in the Dedza district of Malawi. This was a feast for the villagers who partnered with us to build the school and church there.

Annemarie’s Meal in Chabwera, Dedza District

Children are fun and with toffees it’s even better. They are the angels of our world.
Children, toffees, and games. Children are the hopes of God.